My poems

many years back, i used to write poems for this defunct bi-weekly magazine, ‘malaysian post’. there were many poems that i wrote, and i would like to share here several that i like, which i consider interesting.

oh an important note to note for readers who read my poems – a few of the poems are ‘made-up’ which means they are not true what i wrote e.g. when i wrote about ‘the wedding’, no i did not get married, and when i wrote on ‘a boring life’, no i don’t find life boring, and of course one poem on dracula – you will not believe for sure i met dracula! haha. most of these ‘made-up’ poems are funny poems. i do have a few serious poems, which did reflect my true sentiments. i’m sure you are wise enough to judge which poem is fiction and which is not.

oh well, my poems are very amateurish work, so don’t expect them to be good, ok. no comparision to those great poets out there like woodsworth, or even to some bloggers who write poems. i came out with these poems during those times when i was quite free. nowadays, it would be very very difficult for me to write poems.

constsructive criticisms are welcome! oh and do i need to add, and also a pat on the back? 😉

apology if you can’t find my poems. i had more than 20 poems (as sub-pages of this page) published here but i don’t know why and how they disappeared. i’m looking into it and hope to have the poems appearing here again.

You can find my poems when you hover the mouse over the ‘my poems’ drop-down menu right on top.

Apart from the links on the drop-down menu of ‘My poems’ on top, here are the links for easy click.

A boring life
A date
A wedding
Cool dude
God’s way (tribute to Mother Teresa)
I believe
Kiss and say goodbye
Little child
Modern lifestyles
My Prince Charming
Starting a -new
The more
The silent scream
Three wishes
Who’s he?

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