If you are the mail
I’ll be the postage stamp
I’ll stick with you wherever you go
If you are the alphabet
I’ll be the words
I’ll have to depend on you always
If you are the head of the coin
I’ll be the tail of the coin
I’ll always be your side
If you are the switch
I’ll be the light
You’ll brighten up my days
If you are the roots
I’ll be the flowers
I can’t live without you
If you are the hammer
I’ll be the nail
together we’ll fix our problems
If you are the cook
I’ll be the ingredients
together we’ll create beautiful experiences
If you are the key
I’ll be the loc
together we’ll be perfectly matched
But you are a man
And I’m a woman
That’s just nice
Somehow, someday, I wish
You’ll be my husband
and I’ll be your wife

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