A Wedding


When I wake up in the morning
the first thing I hear is the bird’s singing
Oh what a day today will be
I know everything nice will happen to me
Today I’m going to wed
at last I will have someone to share my bed
Oh what a joy, what a thrill
to be join as husband and wife
Gently I put on my wedding dress
to my horror I find the train a mess
Then my bridesmaid does not turn up
just because they said she has the hiccup
So I have to plead with my friend Fay
to be a stand-in for the day
When I’m walking down the aisle
dreaming of live in the castle
I stumble cos’ Fay pull too tightly my train
undoubtedly without using her brain
At the altar, Father Jim begins, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered..”
when suddenly came a cry from the best man “Oh bother!
I left the ring in the car
I’ll go and get it, luckily it is not far”
Oh dear, I think my nice day has turned disastrous
Nothing worse would happen, I pray
Back home: “Darling, carry me over the threshold”, I whine
He does, only to step on the confounded train of mine
So we both fell to the floor
That’s it! I cry! I can’t take it any more!
Like Niagara Falls my tears came flowing
like a baby, I keep crying and crying
Suddenly a familiar voice say “Wake up, silly
Today you are going to be married to Billy”
Phew! What a relief!
I have been dreaming all along

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