asia blog awards

asiablogawards-nominee.gifi came to know of the asia blog awards 2006/7 from pok ku’s blog.
in the 2004 asia blog awards, pok ku was the winner under ‘best malaysia blog’. take a look here at the full result of the 2004 winners and finalists, and tell me if you recognise a particular blog as one of the nominee. 🙂

2004 asia blogs awards was handled by simon of simonworld but for this year’s awards, he had passed the baton over to myrick of asianpundit.

the asia blog awards 2004 has many categories, apart from the countries categories of course. to view the winners of the 2004 awards, click here. as you can see, there were also awards for best newcomer, best design, best political blog and so on. for this year’s awards, more categories were added in, like best podcast and best activist.

of course we all know that all these best blogs awards thingy (e.g. the recent ‘malaysia unofficial top 70 blogs‘ or even the PPS award last year) will not really reflect the true outcome. it’s kind of like sms voting for malaysian idol – the more popular you are among friends, the more votes you will get. however, despite that, the nominees still feel thrilled i’m sure. as after all, as myrick had stated, it’s all for fun.

so what are you waiting for now? go and vote for your favourite blogs this minute! oh btw, i had nominated someone.

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