Little Child


The little child
barefoot, torn clothings
skinny, and stomach
growling with hunger
The rich man
Italian shoes, Dior shirt
pot-belly, no doubt
filled with all sorts of foot
The little child
pattered on his tiny feet
The rich man
zoomed in his sleek Mercedes
stopped at a plush hotel
The little child
eyes darted
to the rich man
“Such a rich man”
thought the child
“œsurely he would help me”
The little child
approached the rich man
withered hands held out
“Kind sir, I am very hungry
pray spare me a dollar”
The rich man
looked up and down the little child
“Go away, you dirty little girl”
his voice boomed
The frightened little child
scampered away
“O God” she cried
“Isn’t there a kind soul
in this beautiful world?
Take me with you, O Lord
so that I can no longer
be hungry ever.”

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