God’s way (tribute to Mother Teresa)

GOD’S WAY – Tribute to Mother Teresa (sung to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s My Way)

And now her end is here, she had gone to meet God
My friend, let me tell you
She was the one, a most unique person
She lived her life that was full, a life full of love and compassion
And more, much more than that, her life is of God’s way

Yes all the time, she had shown us
We must empty ourselves to serve the poor
And through it all, to see Christ in the poor
Gave them hope and dignity
With true compassion and selfless love, which is God’s way

She walked the streets, in and out of the slums
Searching for all those unwanted, wretched people
She find them very precious
To think they are God’s gift,  so she said “Made them feel loved.”


Oh yes, oh yes, that should be the way – God’s way
For who are us,  if we don’t give up something
That was what she would ask each and everyone of us
And those were not words of herself
But what that God is asking us too, doing it His way

Regrets she had none, as she knew this call came from God
She did what she had to do, reaching out to the untouchables
In this, she shows us, a way of expressing our love for God
And more than ever, she always did it God’s way

(note: this poem was sent to the star a week after mother teresa’s death. it was published.)

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