My prince charming


Walking home
late one night
I heard someone
calling my name
“Lu…cia, Luuu…cia”
It was so eerie
yet so beautiful
I turned around
and there he was
Oh he was so handsome
with a black suit
and a black cloak too
His hands stretched out
beckoning to me
“Come, my dear
come to me”
he said
I was dazed
as I fell for
this handsome stranger
whoever he was
I ran to him
to fall into his arms
to be embraced by him
When I reached him
he smiled at me
It was just then
I noticed
two sharp-pointed teeth
with a swift gesture
he spread out his cloak
and enveloped me
Just as I lapsed
into unconsciousness
I suddenly realised
who he was
He was…
Count Dracula!

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