Modern lifestyles


There you are!
amidst the high country
in a world of refreshment
There you are!
young, vibrant and exciting
having so much more to enjoy
going where the action takes you
There you are!
with an international style
quality and excellence too
You always have a good time
and the best of everything
making the right decision always
What wonderful lifestyle you lead
how cool, how sophisticated
because of these
people want you
They bring you home
and put you to their lips
hoping to achieve your lifestyle
but the truth is
you are driving them
to the grave  fast!
(note: this poem talks about the many cigarettes ads on tv. i guess only those of my era would understand this poem. the ads were relevant only at that time. e.g. ‘young and vibrant and exciting’ was the tag line of peter stuyvesant ad, ‘internationa style, quality and excellence was dunhill’s tag line. even 4th para with ‘good time’, ‘best of everything’ and ‘making the right decisions’ are from the ads.)

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