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JAIS has no authority over another religion!

so said christian federation of malaysia (CFM) in its media statement, as below. for the PDF copy, click here. note: earlier i had posted the media statement from bible society malaysia (BSM) and council of churches in malaysia (CCM).

christmas joke from the DPM?

… because i laughed so hard when i read in the malaysian insider that he said no one are sidelined under BN. no one? then what is the NEP? what is bumiputer privileges? why bumiputera got 7% off for buying houses while non bumiputera don't? why some bumiputera esp. those …

who are the bumiputera?

who are the real bumiputera? is there such a thing as bumiputera? (pic by witsO) from malaysiakini: The debate as to the status and rights of the Orang Asli was triggered after Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz told Parliament yesterday that the defintion of ‘bumiputera’ included …