political play-play in perak

oops. i’m not suppose to blog on politics on a sunday but i can’t help it with the situation in perak.

what really made me want to blog was when i heard on tv news that the illegal MB, zambry, said perak’s speaker, sivakumar’s move to suspend him and his 6 exco was an abuse of power. then a few ‘experts’ obviously on his side, spoke up that what sivakumar did was wrong indeed. they all said that to suspend him, it ought to be done at the state assembly. yes, i can buy that as even karpal singh said sivakumar’s action did not follow proper procedure as the suspension has to be endorsed by the assembly.

why then did sivakumar made the move to suspend zambry and his 6 excos?

well ok good… so zambry and all his fellow ‘goons’ (those who by hook or crook stand by BN!) made noises that his suspension must go back to the assembly… according to the constitution. what sivakumar did was wrong. fine.

why then did sivakumar made the move to suspend zambry and his 6 excos? surely he is aware of the proper procedure?

i have a feeling that he did that on purpose. you see, after he suspended zambry and his 6 excos, suddenly all the BN kakis came out to made noises that sivakumar had abuse his power, sivakumar did not follow procedure, that the suspension must be done at the assembly.

"MUST BE DONE AT THE ASSEMBLY". notice that? must be done at the assembly. yes correct. yes all fine for those BN kakis to say that… but they are saying that because they are siding with zambry of course. then, in this context, sivakumar or non BN kakis can hit out at zambry and the BN kakis that what about the firing of perak MB nizar? it should also be done at the assembly as per constitution but it was not. it was done by the sultan, which was wrong as the sultan does NOT have the power to do it at all.

aha! this will catch the BN kakis at their hypocrisy and double standard best! when perak MB, nizar, was fired by the sultan, they jumped with joy and say the sultan has the final say, ok nizar should be out, no need to go back to the assembly. but now when sivakumar suspended the illegal MB, zambry and his illegal 6 exco, they suddenly jumped up and say this suspension must go back to the assembly. see what i’m trying to get at? am i right or not?

you see now the political play-play in perak? one side did this, the other say wrong. then the other side will do what the other side said was wrong, and let the other side think it was right, while it was wrong, then that side will say it is right and the other side will want to wrong the right… or is it right the wrong… oops. sorry i’m getting confused here but i bet you know what i’m trying to get at… political play-play lah!

oh another thing is… maybe some people feel i shouldn’t say this… if the BN kakis  can say sivakumar abuse his power, then how come they can’t say the sultan abuse his power? (remember the sultan has NO right at tll to fire nizar). also if the umno lapdog, MACC chief, ahmad said can say that they will investigate if sivakumar has abuse his power, how come he can’t say he will investigate if the sultan has abuse his power? (remember it was our dear dr m who remove the immunity of the royalty, thus they can be sue/investigate).

you see now the clear HYPOCRISY, DOUBLE STANDARD of BN, particularly umno?

you see now how malaysia has TWO LAWS – ONE FOR UMNO, ONE FOR NON UMNO?

i rest my case (though i’m so tempted to continue to say i agree whole-heartedly with what malaysiakini wrote that people are getting so fed up with zambry forever opening his mouth with "i am the menteri besar. i am appointed by the sultan")


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