Nine months she carry us.
Carefully and tenderly
she cares for us
while we are still
swimming in the womb
sucking our fingers.

She’s the first person
to hear our first cry
when we are brought
screaming into this world

For months she feeds us,
changes our diapers
and goo-goos to us

She is delirious
with happiness
when she hears
our first word "mama".

She gets excited
when we take our first step
and delighted
at our smattering vocab.

When we are five,
she prepares us for
kindergarten, eager for us to learn.
And when we are seven
to school she sends us
to learn more.

She fusses over us in our
teenage years and advises us.
Despite being rebellious
she stands by us.

When we are adults,
she still cares
that we have a good job.

When we find our mate,
she’s happy for us
and gives us blessings
to start a family of our own.

When we have our own
bundle of joy,
she’s delighted that
the child she brought up
now has a child of her own.

She showers her love on
our bundle of joy
like how she showered
her love on us.

She’s truly a terrific person
She’s M-O-T-H-E-R

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