buy election begins for BN

… as the education ministry generously announced a RM1 million allocation to 5 chinese schools in permatang pauh, so went the report from malaysiakini.

oh wow! why there’s no by-election in my area ah? few  schools here, chinese, indian, malays are run-down and need renovations. the road here ah very bumpy with many potholes. if there is a by-election, guarantee all these will be solved by BN!! not fair lah!

listen to what arif shah had the cheek to say here (all quoted text taken from malaysiakini):

Met at a BN function later, Arif Shah cited the allocation – where the five schools will get RM200,000 each – as an example why the voters should back the ruling coalition.

"The Permatang Pauh people will benefit, you can see it happen (such as this allocation)," he told reporters after the launch of the BN Youth election machinery in Permatang Pasir.

wow! that pretty sum it up! vote BN! you’ll benefit a lot because BN has the money!

Arif Shah, who is also the Seberang Jaya state assemblyperson, appealed to voters to give him a chance as he said he will then be able to have more allocations to develop the constituency.

see? only during by-elections they will be all out to develop the constituency. what’s new!

"Although I am the Seberang Jaya state assemblyperson but in the state government, I am the opposition. I don’t have the allocation.

"If I am the BN MP, I will be able to help not just Seberang Jaya but also Penanti and Permatang Pasir (voters) through my cordial relationship with the Prime Minister (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi), Deputy Prime Minister (Najib Abdul Razak) and the federal government," he said.

ahhh…. cronism helps a lot, we know that. doesn’t this confirmed the fact that federal government pulls out lots of projects from penang or stop allocation to PR ruled states because they are not cronies?

we may look into all these as bribery but unfortunately the election commission (which comes under the federal government, remember!!) does not see it as bribery, i think….

However, there is a grey area on whether the allocation or goodies handed out by the candidate’s party during election campaigns contradicts any election law.

The Election Commission has previously argued that these developmental allocations are not a form of bribery.

maybe it is only when it is PKR/DAP/PAS who are doing it?

Meanwhile, MCA Youth chief Liow Tiong Lai, who accompanied Arif Shah, said the voters should support the BN candidate because the latter will be able to the serve the rakyat.

"If you elect Anwar, he will just treat this as a stepping stone (to overthrow the BN government) but the locals want to see real development in the constituency," said Liow, who is also the health minister.

development! development! development only comes when buy-election comes! malaysia boleh! oops. BN boleh!

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