introducing MAFREL’s kuala terengganu blog

oh gosh, yesterday my streamyx connection at home was down and i couldn’t get on the net at all! very fed up! i hope today, after i got home (am in office now), the streamyx connection is ok. if not, i’ll have to go without the net for one day again – arggh!!!

ok ok, coming to the heading here. as all of you are aware, there will be a by-election in kuala terengganu, and as usual, MAFREL members will be monitoring the election. we had started a blog for this purpose – to post information/news and anyting related to the by-election. actually it is an old blog – i had it set up during the permatang pauh by-election and there had been a lot of postings during that period. now, that the k. terengganu by-election is here, we thought, we just use back the same blog (since it’s url is under MAFREL anyway).

now in the beginning, we have nothing much to post yet, so i posted up related articles from various sources, especially malaysiakini. later on, as the MAFREL team in terengganu get going, we’ll have lots to post up. so for those who are interested to catch news regarding the by-election, please don’t forget to bookmark the kuala terengganu by-election blog, ok?
(psst. after all candidtes have been announced, gonna need an ‘artist’ to help me do the header.)

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