2 faced mr perkasa?

if you recall, some time back, when BN decided to field an indian (MIC)  for the hulu selangor by-election, it decided to stay away from campaigning for  BN.  that was on 9 april, before the name of the candidate was announced (but already known from MIC). then suddenly yesterday, we heard that the boss of perkasa,  ibrahim ali,  said he will campaign for BN.

huh?? what gives?? well, apparently katak ibrahim’s aide said he is campaigning as an independent MP, not as a perkasa member. huh?? like that also can? isn’t ibrahim ali the pasir mas independent MP and ibrahim ali, perkasa president the same person? wahh! don’t tell me, he can put on the face of an independent MP for one moment, and the face of perkasa boss for another?

or perhaps his decision to campaign was because the BN candidate, kamalanathan defended perkasa – made known publicly that he support perkasa!! hmm…  my dear kamalanathan, you did not hear how perkasa suddenly said they will not campaign in the by-election because an indian was chosen? and aren’t you an indian? and yet you defended perkasa! oh my! this is really mind boggling!!

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