15 candidates in a by-election?

yes, 15! this is crazy! 13 independents and 1 each from BN and PKR.

why suddenly we hear of so many independents coming up to want to contest? the news is that many indians were not happy with anwar’s choice of PKR’s candidate, s. manikumar, so some of them decided to offer themselves as candidates – yep half of them are all indians.

though i read the malaysian insider and malaysiakini here and there regarding the news, i did not come across either one naming all the 13 candidates. they did mentioned here and there a few of the candidates… esp. of course those they interviewed but i don’t see the names of all 13. however, thank god, someone at the malaysian insider, left a comment with the names of all the 13 independents. i notice there are 6 indians, 6 malay and 1 chinese.  yes, go over there to read the 13 names – complete with description.  oh it had been noted that most of all these independents indians are ex PKR members.

well, since this 15 candidates in a by-election is the first in malaysia – very historic, so i just gotta blog about it. for many further news on this issue, do go to the malaysian insider.


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