what is the PM fearful of?

yes, indeed, what? when the french lawyer, william bourdon was deported, after his speech at a dinner in penang, of which i had attended (as in the picture here, photo taken by me).

of course you and i know the answer, i’m sure.

you know, after the dinner, there was a press conference, of which i joined in. i was standing beside susan loone of malaysiakini and regina williams of the edge, both my fellow catholics. i think it was regina who asked william whether he had any problems with immigration when he enter KL from france, and KL to penang and william said “no, absolutely none at all.”

ha! but then when he shoot off to KL after penang… waboom!!… problem! imagine! even before he alighted from the plane, those immigration officers went up into the plane to detain him.

what the govt. did – detaining him then deporting him – was very silly indeed. it only goes to show they have something to hide, they are fearful of him speaking up… AND it will only make malaysia the laughing stock worldwide. i’m sure this will be reported in france… and other foreign news agency will pick it up.

the home minister had the nerve to say that his deportation is nothing political. who the hell will believe him? he  said it was because william bourdon  had violated his social visit pass…. and oh boy, did that made kerismuddin here looks so silly (what else is new) when bourdon came out to say that he never have a social visit pass to begin with!  the bar council were not too happy at his deportation and had request the govt. to explain his deportation.

another minister who sounded so silly was that defence minister, zahid, when he said:

“Ask him to ask himself whether he got the right to defend the case here. If he would like to defend his case, do it in France, not here,” he told reporters when asked if he agreed with the deportation of Bourdon.

good lord! and he called himself the defence minister?? everybody knows already that the case will be heard in france, not in our bolehland. bourdon was here just to give some speeches.

zahid also said that that bourdon is being used and victimised by suaram. huh? excuse me. a famous human rights lawyer like william bourdon let people used him? in fact i salute and admire suaram for taking the liberty to request  william bourdon and his team of lawyers to investigate the scorpene submarine deal. for this i am really forever grateful to suaram. i salute suaram. i appreciate the effort. i fully support suaram on this. why? because i want to see our dear PM exposed! corruption exposed! C4 killing exposed!

(picture here shows bourdon flanked by cynthia gabriel, suaram director on his right and faidah, also from suaram – taken by me during the press conference).

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