islam IS under siege… by utusan

yep, utusan malaysia, the umno paper, the paper supported by the PM and DPM. joning utusan are muslim NGO like perkasa and pembela. oh and people like the datuk T, especially one of them, an indian convert, who use allah’s name in vain when he swore on a koran in a mosque.

oh yeah pembela was the one who first brought up that islam is under siege... and blame it mostly on christianity (especially after the impounded alkitab in sarawak issue). wahh! i’m so flattered! my religion is so strong, can shake the foundation of islam?

why do you fear islam is under siege? simple! it’s because your own faith is not strong enough! and islam don’t need other religions to insult them… they are doing it themselves so well. just read what pembela said here – they are getting paranoid, i tell you!!

yesterday, all of a sudden, a national paper, a paper owned by the government, simply took what some bloggers wrote as gospel truth and published it in their paper front page. eh? i thought at one time the govt. had said we must not trust bloggers, that what bloggers said are not necessary true. however for this instance utusan, without checking the facts of what those bloggers wrote, immediately published it in their paper. so what else is new.

the worst thing is these bloggers accused a group of pastors gathering in penang, were gathering to pray for christianity to be the official religion and for a christian PM. gosh! that sounds so ridiculous right? but how on earth can utusan published it front page? oops… of course they can because utusan has no brain, utusan is using gutter journalism, utusan is intentionally provoking the muslim against christians.

well the truth is that those pastors who gathered in penang, they were just attending the ‘unashamedly ethical marketplace conference’, that’s all. and in a hotel, in an enclosed area. what is so wrong with gathering that is private – christians do it all the time – conferences, seminars, forums, workshop – hundreds, or even christians gathered together to listen, to talk and to PRAY. what’s so wrong with that?

if i’m not mistaken, that blogger who started it all, the very very very pro umno blogger, mentioned about the pastors’ gathering, that they joined hands and pray before the meeting and pray after the meeting. yes. so what? what’s wrong? in all our gatherings, for sure we always pray before and after meetings/gatherings. whether it is small group of only 5 persons or big groups of hundreds, christians usually start and end the meeting with prayers. and some gatherings, are gatherings where the whole day is filled with prayers. so what? so it is our own private affair… but some people just like to stir shit and…. you know….

if you google for ”unashamedly ethical marketplace conference’, you’ll notice it is a regular conference, and a conference planned beforehand. it has nothing to do at all with christians praying for christianity to be the official religion of malaysia! well, the organisers, had explained about it here.

as a result of utusan’s front page report of lies, inspired by umno blogger liars, some idiots had made police report against the gathering. well… will police investigate properly? if yes, and learning that the conference is just an annual conference and there is nothing at all true in what utusan reported, will action be taken against utusan? and action against the two pro umno bloggers?

i’m glad to note that PR had come in to condemn utusan’s lies on its front page yesterday. first, anwar dubs utusan as a shameless umno tabloid for christians malaysia and DAP calls it a dangerous lie. a few MP from PR had spoken up.

hey today is sunday – which is actually a day i stay off from political posts but i didn’t… because i cannot stand all these accusations against christianity so i just have to blog about it. real fed up. as a christian myself, i would never ever think of having christianity as the official religion of malaysia. i respect the constitution, i respect islam as the official religion. islam, like all other religions, is a beautiful religion BUT it had been abused by certain quarters for their own good.

i’m very disturbed at the on-going in our country these days, seeing the politicians and the NGOs playing the racial and religious cards. looks like our country is on the danger threshold…??… of what??? can or will the PM put a stop to this?



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