feeling inferior when want to be superior

i had said it before… many times, many years ago, all the time, and now lo and behold, the minister in the prime minister department, nazri said it!

say what? that some muslim suffered from an inferiority complex. having this grandeur feeling of ketuanan melayu (malay superiority) or ketuanan islam (islam superiority) stems from them feeling inferior.

… or another thing  i like to say and had been saying many times (by ‘say’ i mean blogging on) is they have a ‘lack of faith‘.  e.g. when they protest against the use of the ‘allah’ word by other religions, when they disallowed their own muslim people to attend exhibition on christianity, when non muslim publication have to have the chop ‘not for muslim’, etc. etc.  (well yes, this lack of faith ties in with the inferiority complex)

this time, what made nazri came out to agree with me, was when some islamic scholars and a govt. think tank reject the idea of pluralism in religion, because to them, if they accept the pluralism, it means all religion are the same… and oh horror! it can’t be lah! to them their beloved islam is superior to all religions!

nazri nicely and correctly said this:

“Why are they questioning this? Islam is not under any threat. If you so believe that Islam is a superior religion, why should you worry about any so-called “inferior” religion? They are suffering from (an) inferiority complex. Even if it’s not guaranteed, why should you be scared? You should have enough faith to be confident of your own beliefs, and not belittle the beliefs of others. It all comes from inferiority complex.”

see? “you should have enough faith….”.  see what i mean by they have a lack of faith?

then you know what? after these islamic scholars hailed their religion as superior,  do you see other religion came out making noises ala-perkasa? NO! well if it’s the other way round, i bet my bottom ringgit, perkasa and umnoputera will jumped up sky-high! the other religions instead of making noises arguing, prefer to have a dialogue with the islamic scholars.  ahh… dialogue… again something (like lack of faith and inferiority complex) i had been blogging about many times. dialogue? these extremists muslim will never want dialogue!! just look at the talk of the formation of the inter-religious council alone – they flatly rejected it because they don’t want to dialogue… oh and also because they feel islam is superior so islam cannot be placed side by side with other religions. see? the superiority comes in again! oh gee, what an inferior bunch these extremists muslim are (eg perkasa, zulkifli nordin, IKIM).

on another topic (but related in a way), please don’t forget  to read the very wise admonition of the perlis mufti towards those extremist umno-linked islamic scholars.

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