the shame of malaysia in 2010…

… because the government is fighting for the exclusive use of the word ‘allah’.

many UMNO ministers had spoken up, and also the past PM and the past MB of selangor (how’s your mourning, dear toyo?) to say the court’s decision in allowing herald to use the word allah is wrong.  isn’t that a shame? a great shame indeed – our PM, the home minister, other ministers don’t understand at all that the name allah pre-dates islam, does not belongs to malaysian muslims.

the second shame – these ministers (and latest include the defence minister) were showing to the world how insecure malaysian muslims are. they were telling the world they can’t trust their fellow muslim as they’ll be easily confused. they are telling us the muslim faith is weak.

what a shame! the malaysian UMNO government  fighting for the exclusive use of a word and telling everyone how insecure they (malaysian muslims) are.

thank god i’m not going overseas these few weeks. if i’m in some other country, i’ll be ashamed to tell people i’m from malaysia.

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