hail ketuanan islam!!

when it was reported that the govt. had agreed on an inter-faith committee, i was not excited at all (thus i didn’t blog about it)

some of you might remember long ago, the inter-faith council (IFC) had been proposed but extremists muslims were opposing it like mad (and once they even hold a demonstration on the street in penang against the idea of IFC being set up). why? to them islam is the no. 1 religion of all religion. islam is superior to all religion, thus islam cannot be placed alongside other religions in the IFC.  yes, it’s ketuanan islam (islam superiority) to them!

lately though the govt. had approved an inter-faith committee but then as expected, the self appointed champion of malays and islam. perkasa,  came in to stir the hornet’s nest in the proposed inter-faith panel.  they want the panel to be under JAKIM (islamic affairs dept.).

why should a committee with ALL religions has the islamic dept to head it? of course… because islam is superior!

He accused the committee of not having “strong Islamic credentials” and pointed out that input from other religions may threaten the sanctity of Islam.

see? ‘input from other religions may threaten the sancitty of islam!! why? because of ketuanan islam!

The inter-faith committee had been mooted in the past before but was rejected by Jakim which argued that Islam is the country’s official religion and should not be placed on the same par as others.

see? islam should not be placed on the same par as others!! no, not because it is the official religion but because these extremist muslim (but who call themselves defender of islam) wants islam to be superior. it’s ketuanan islam to them!!

“Islam is a wahyu (God-sent) religion while others are based on logic of the mind,” he said.

what the #$@%*!))_*#*!!!!!

ok lah, only your islam is good, best, true, superior… other religions should be in the tong sampah while you go and shout KETUANAN ISALM all you want!


hey i add in another slogan for perkasa… apart from their ‘melayu takkan hillang dari dunia ini’.  gee… doesn’t all these slogans show the inferiority of perkasa (and other extremists muslim) that they need to shout (manifest) them out.  well well well, the inferior wants their religion to be superior!  figures.

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