sex or bible?

this is what i had been musing over… whether to post about sex or bible. hey!! what do you think i’m thinking eh!!
(hope christians won’t get offended over the title… nah, i’m sure they won’t carry banners, shout and scream, burn my picture, after their sunday service.)

well, lately, it seems that we have these two hot news that’s going around – sex:   the sex video implicating anwar ibrahim. bible: the impounded bible, with its stamping. i can’t decide which to blog about, though i did decide not to blog about either one.  however, not knowing which  to blog about  or  which not to blog about, i decided to blog about both!  however i’m not going to say much. whatever for when so much had already been said on the media here and there and on facebook and twitter.

the sex video issue
(my first blog on it)
so it has come to this again… a person’s private life is not private. yeah yeah… same old stuff… somebody would say when you are a politician (or famous personality), your personal life is no longer personal.  true in a way but then why are people (read politicians) so focused on sex as a weapon to destroy others, when in the first instance a person’s sex life should be left to that – his own private life!

here’s a good read by kee tuan chye on this issue.


the impounded bible issue
(my first blog on it)
the decision of the govt. is not to stamp ‘for christianity’.  whatever… it is still desecration. oh yeah and this got everyone into singing the same tune again – through this action of the govt., they are telling us the muslim faith is weak.
i’m glad to note that bishop paul tan (from the melaka johor diocese, and the president of the catholic bishop conference) had spoken up on this issue many times.  go and read what he had to say especially in malaysiakini and free malaysia today. he’s a very wise man!

btw, the CFM has not accepted the govt’s new offer yet. they’ll be meeting on 29 march to decide. not only among them of course but other organisations, clergy, and i think even the bible’s publisher.

have you heard that the chrisitians in sarawak got together in a prayer rally to pray for religious freedom, in the light of this controversy? well, that’s how they react. they won’t hold banners, burn pictures and shout and screamed after their sunday service.

oh dear me, this reminds me today is friday. gosh, will anything exciting happens today after the friday prayer at you-know-where by you-know-who?

ok i have enough of sex and bible for now. time to sleep now and dream… er… about sex? about the bible? hey sex is a beautiful thing if there is no lusty or evil thought/intention, you know! i just learned that at a weekend course on ‘the theology of the body‘ (organised by the family life ministry of a church).  ok as it is now past 2.00am, i’d better go and dream… whatever.


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