oh no, not sex again!

not tonight, darling malaysia, i have a headache… yes i do have a headache from skimming through the headlines of many online media – “sex video” here, “sex video” there, “sex video” everywhere!!

go to malaysia chronicles alone, you’ll notice right on top, all seven  headings are about the sex video… and my favourite, malaysiakini has five ! (at the time of writing this)

you go over to those two online news portal and you’ll know what i’m talking about. well at the mention of  ‘sex video’, almost everyone will know what you are talking about.

don’t we already have enough of sex, what with anwar’s sodomy trial going on? and now this. so what’s with our country obsession on sex… er… especially among politicians?  well two hands can’t clap, so it is being said. there are those who like to ‘create’ the sex scandal, then there are those who are so eager to read about it – that’s why now it looks like the whole nation is abuzz with sex, sex. sex! as susan loone from malaysiakini, rightly puts it on her facebook “one blardy sex video and the whole nation goes into orgasm.”

speaking of which, another friend on facebook was of the opinion that this sex video is used to distract people’s attention from the taib’s scandal (the blardy rich corrupted CM of sarawak).  hmm… it could be true.

oh no, methink for the next few days (and maybe even running into weeks),  the media, both mainstream and online will sure talk/write about this sex video scandal.  die lah… my headache will go worst.

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