down with NEP and AP!

pakatan to dump NEP if it seizes power‘ so goes the headline in malaysiakini.

whoa! ain’t that good news or what? (er… of course not good news at all for umnoputersa). but will pakatan seize power? this coming sept. 16? next year? 5 years time? or is this just a gimmick of anwar?

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim reiterated he would dismantle the controversial New Economic Policy (NEP) if he seizes power.


Anwar said he would replace the policy, which was launched in the early 1970s, with a system to boost all poor Malaysians, whether they are majority Malays or from the minority Chinese and Indian communities.

"We will do everything in our power and disposal to help and assist the poor and the marginalised, which means the vast majority of the Malays and the poor Chinese and the poor Indians, but we do it on a needs basis," he said.

will the umnoputera jumped up and accused anwar of selling out the malays? "see, you vote for anwar/pakatan, and now they want to do away with NEP."  methink not many can forget how umno penang protest like hell when penang CM, lim guan eng just made a casual remark of ‘studying the NEP’ (not doing away with the NEP). all the big wings umoputera, mind you including ex DCM and the now penang opposition leader. (hmm… i wonder was ahmad ismail involved in the protest too? i’m sure yes!). 

The NEP was launched two years after racial riots broke out in 1969, in an effort to narrow the wealth gap between the Chinese – who control the business sector – and Malays, who dominate government.

But critics say it has failed and that the policy’s beneficiaries have been Malay entrepreneurs who cash in on an array of perks including discounts on property purchases and specially allocated government projects.

true of course. it benefit most the top big-wings umnoputera!!

oh beside the NEP, anwar also said they will do away with AP (approved permit) for cars.

He also promised to abandon the Approved Permits (AP) scheme for importing cars, which it is claimed has corruptly enriched a small number of Malay entrepreneurs.

"Those talking about Malay dominance would realise that the AP is a classic case where the Malays and the Malay name has been abused, raped and plundered by the few," he told a press conference.

haha. when i read that, who do you think i have in mind? none other than the fat lady minister… oops. ex minister.

well to see these 2 – NEP and AP be done away with, we have to wait and see will pakatan become the federal government?

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