fuel hike – blessing in disguise for anwar?

it seems so… from this report i see in malaysiakini:

PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim today said his bid to seize power with the help of defecting government lawmakers had been boosted by an unpopular fuel price hike.


Anwar said that at least 30 parliamentarians are willing to crossover to the Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance, and that if the opposition gained power, the fuel price would immediately be cut.

so brace yourself for sept 16 – we might have a new federal government! from another report of malaysiakini:

PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim today said that the Sept 16 deadline for a high number of BN MPs to defect to Pakatan Rakyat remained on target.


  A defection of 30 BN members of Parliament would allow the Pakatan coalition to take over the federal government.

good news or bad news?

maybe i’ll ask another question – anwar for PM – good news or bad news?

having the BN kicked out as federal government of course is good news…. but some people are concerned at how it is going to happen. this defection thingy is not right, is immoral, or whatever they called it. should go through the proper way, they said – BN should be kicked out through the ballot box (election).

well er…. for me… i’m not sure. half hal, maybe. yes and no.
but i can be very sure that i do not want anwar as PM. oh dear…. but if pakatan rakyat (PR)  take over, who else can be PM? aiyo! confused lah.

anyway, do you know that anwar is very sure that if PR takes over the federal government, fuel price will be cut. so very sure that he gave the assurance if fuel price is not cut, he will resigned. again, from malaysiakini (same link as above):

"I stand by my decision that when Pakatan Rakyat forms the new government fuel prices definitely will be cut. I will immediately resign, if I do not keep my word and reduce the price of fuel," said Anwar, a former finance minister.

hmm…i wonder….

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