officially confirmed!! the federal government believe that the muslim faith is weak!

finally! the al kitab (bible in the malay language) were stamped thus:



reminder                              serial no.

this good news al kitab

is for christians only

department official stamp                 by order of

the home ministry



right here on the inside of the front cover (taken from the malaysian insider):

many people talked about this stamping is desecrating our holy book, and rightly so yes but that is talking about us, chrisitans. not many are talking about… the government. i’d rather talk about the government (at least for now) on the consequences of their action. no, not that christians won’t vote for them (hopefully) as that will be talking about the christians again.

for the life of me, i can’t understand what is the govt. so afraid of? oh yeah i do understand… they are so scared that if a muslim were to read the alkitab, s/he will suddenly convert to christianity.  yes, that is their fear… but what i don’t understand is why the fear? oh year i do understand… because they don’t trust their own fellow muslim, they knew the muslim’s faith is not strong enough.

then, what does this show to the world? aha! this is what i don’t understand. what kind of image are they (the muslim federal government) portraying to one and all?  simple! simply that they are so damn silly! they want the world to laugh at them!

oh well, see the kind of govt. you got yourself into? so you know what to do come the next election eh? KICK UMNO OUT!!

ok coming back to the desecration of the bible, my colleague, stanley is thinking of lodging a police report. he need support from you all. here is what he wrote:

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,

The federal government has insulted our faith and holy books by stamping unauthorized wordings on it and limiting our bibles only to the Christians, which is clearly against the federal constitution. ‘Freedom of Faith”. They have violated our rights to practice our religion as according to what it teaches us to. The home minister and Federal government has come out with many statements that are unruly and unjust to us.

As such, the clergy “bishops, priest and pastors” are doing a wonderful job speaking up against this unconstitutional move, racism and evil political plan..

We as lay people and followers of Jesus Christ are also called to stand up against injustices and act according to our faith. As such this is an invitation to all Christians to join in the lodging of a police report throughout Malaysia against the Federal Government for their insulting actions and disrespect towards our faith and bibles. We will lodge the police reports at the same time and date in various police stations all over the country. This will be a step towards advocating and pressuring the Government to comply with the constitution.

You are invited to join in this process of making the police report, kindly please reply me your particulars as below if you wish to be part of this plan. This will help me organize the startergy. We are planning to lodge the report by next week before friday. as such please reply to this email with great urgency and pass the msg around.

State u live in
Town u live in
H/P no.

A sample of the police report will be drafted and other information, such as date and time of report to be made will be send to you in the coming days. We need more people from Penang, Johor and K.L to join in this report.

Let’s work together for our church and stand up for our rights and do our part as responsible christians!
Thank You and God bless You,
K.Sudhagaran Stanley

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