penang lost its ‘roaring tiger’

karpal4first it was irene fernandez, who passed away on 25 march this year… and now this… KARPAL SINGH, lawyer and member of parliament (MP) from the political party, DAP – who passed away on 17 april. 

yesterday morning i was not working, so i woke up at 9.00am. as always, the first thing i did after i woke up is to get online, going to facebook. imagine my shock when i saw so many postings talking about karpal's death. i was stunned, at first thinking it was not true but going to the many online media, i read about his death too and realised it was true.

how sad. karpal singh, who is fondly known as 'the jelutong tiger' (jelutong being the area he first served as MP), was a very well known personality. i like him because he speaks without fear or favour. he was a man of principle. he stands up for what is right, did not give a damn to what others think. i had seen him in person and heard his speeches many times due to the many ceramah (forum), protests, gatherings that i attended. his speeches was never boring. he was always welcome with a thunderous applause and at times cheering and whistles when it was his turn to speak. this showed how much he was loved by the people.

his death was indeed a great loss to malaysians as he was seen to be one who courageously speak up whenever he sees something had gone wrong in the country. he was like a voice for us – the tiger who roars for us on our behalf. we will surely missed him, particularly penangites since penang is his hometown.

i will not say more of him since everybody already know so much about him, and you can read so much about him in the media here and there too. here are some interesting links. go to all the local online media e.g. malaysiakini, malaysian insider, free malaysia today, the malaysian times and you will get to read so much about him.

karpal committed to a broader, inclusive, malaysian identity
we must carry on karpal's struggle, says kit siang
fighting for justice till the very end
karpal ranked with mahatma gandhi
tribute to the tiger of jelutong
ten things about karpal

it's not surprise, as rightly so, that his funeral will be at state level. the public ceremony will be held on sunday, 20 april at dewan sri  pinang (light street) from 9.00am to 11.00am. if you are free that day/time, do attend to pay tribute to such an awesome extradonaire great man.

(to be continued)

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flight MH370 confirmed crashed into the indian ocean

malaysian prime minister's najib made this announcement yesterday at 10.00pm (taken from the malaysian insider).


This evening I was briefed by representatives from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB).

They informed me that Inmarsat, the UK company that provided the satellite data which indicated the northern and southern corridors, has been performing further calculations on the data.

Using a type of analysis never before used in an investigation of this sort, they have been able to shed more light on MH370’s flight path.

Based on their new analysis, Inmarsat and the AAIB have concluded that MH370 flew along the southern corridor, and that its last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, west of Perth.

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flight MH370 – making world history

 photo MysteryofMH370.jpg

UPDATED ON 24.3.14:  intereseting info-graphic on the mystery of MH370

i wanted to blog about this about a week ago but somehow or other i cannot access my blog, so can't do it. now that i can, i better quick start to blog about it. 

hey, this is something so important, a major world disaster that had gone down in history that happened to my own counrty, so, for sure i MUST blog about it. 

first of all, some thought on the flight MH370 incident.

granted that there were instances what malaysia has not been handling this incident well but all in all, i would say they are ok. seeing so many criticisms hurled at malaysia especially at hishamuddin, in a way, i feel it is not fair. they are doing their best. their positions are not easy positions for anyone to be. it's easy for us to be arm-chair critic but try looking at things from where they stand.

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my say on the penang second bridge long ago

the proposed bridge

hmm… so today is the day the penang second bridge will be officially open… and there will be a celebration, a carnival sort. will you be attending? i won't… i'm not free anyway as will be on my way to KL. even if i'm free, i won't… because the second penang bridge, penang third link, was a project which i debated against. 

long ago, as far back as 2005, i had started blogging about the penang second bridge. that time samy velu was still the transport minister. there were some controversy regarding the awarding of tender/contract. the cost of building the bridge seemed to go up and up and at one stage i was happy when read that samy velu giong to scrap the penang second bridge. however, that was not so.

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we pray after the attack, not protest

the news has gone worldwide – i'm sure almost everybody has heard of it. a news that we rather not let it be worldwide! i'm talking about the assumption church,  penang, being attacked by molotov cocktails, which i have blog about here.

after the provocative allah banner and the molotov cocktails incident on 26 and 27 jan. respectively, assumption church parish priest, fr dominic santhiyagu had issued a press statement, followed later by statement by the bishop.

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endless stupidity!

on 20 jan. i had blog about inciting for may 13… and whaddaya know… they are at it again today. this time, apart from that, they did a very stupid thing – they offer RM1,200 reward to anyone who will go up to teresa kok and slap her.

can you believe that? you'd better! after all this is bolehland (anything can land!) and also the fact they are so called malay NGO and most probably umno supporters, who knows they can get away with it (authorities closing an eye). 

they slaughtered 4 chickens in public and smeared the chickens' blood on a banner. (see picture)

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penang church bombed!

photo showing the CM and other state officials looking at the 'burnt' ground in front of the our lady shrine of the church of the assumption..

that's right, penang! penang, malaysia, my hometown!… and the church which i goes to!

the church of the assumption (under city parish) is the church i attends regularly when i was staying in georgetown (before year 2000). after 2000 when i moved out of georgetown, i still attends it but not regular. therefore you can imagine my shock when i read that somebody had thrown two molotov cocktails (petrol bombs) into the church.

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umno/supporters are asking for may 13…

NOTE:  words on the above banner is in malay, which reads "because of the mouth of DAP leaders, 13 may 1969 will occur… you want??

… highly seditious (like for one of many examples, when perkasa chief called for the burning of bibles) – but will there be action taken against them? don't hold your breath. never.

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stupidity in malaysia – stink to highest heaven! part II

 photo images.jpg

in my part I post on this same topic, i did mentioned that i will update the post as times goes by… but then i realised even though i update, not many people will know. for the last 3 days i did updated it… of course there are updates since stupidity is around in malaysia everyday. so for now, instead of update, i'm making it a new post – but do remember to read my part I for the updated post, ya.

now what got me into starting a new post of stupid remarks is this one really really very stupid remark i read yesterday on the headline of malaysiakini – 'MAIS: what if 'alalh' appears on liquor bottles?'

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JAIS has no authority over another religion!

so said christian federation of malaysia (CFM) in its media statement, as below.

for the PDF copy, click here.

note: earlier i had posted the media statement from bible society malaysia (BSM) and council of churches in malaysia (CCM).

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