islamic body in malaysia raids non islamic body

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ya allah! JAIS, who the bl***y hell gives you the right to raid the bible society of malaysia (BSM) and took away more than 300 of their bibles??

JAIS (jabatan agama islam selangor), or in english – the selangor islamic religious department – is just that, an islalmic religious department that has power over those of islam faith – the muslim, like how you become moral police to catch couples together or fine those who does not fast during the fasting month. your duties limited to anything to do with islam/muslim only… so why the hell did you exercise your powers on non muslim too? go and mind your own business, not ours!!

they took away more than 300 bibles – that was stealing!!  what right do they have to take away the religious books of another religion?

they enter the BSM office without any warrant or any authorisation letter. they were rude and rough. the chairman of BSM, lee min choon mentioned that the JAIS officers shouted for the door to be opened… if not, they would force themselves in. how arrogant!

apparently, the raid was over the 'allah' word row, where the world is laughing at malaysia. those hardlined extremists muslim are claiming copyright to the 'allah' word. all these jumping up and down over the allah word is really making them oh so very very stupid. so much so, i'm going to blog seperately about it. see my next post!  (updated: the post is here)

our catholic bishop, bishop paul tan, so rightly said that JAIS is behaving like gestapo!! (or read from the malaysian insider)

here are the media statements from BSM and CCM (council of churches of malaysia), and right at the end, links relating to this topic.

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