I am who I am.

(written when fist started my blog, i.e. in 2003)

i am a homo sapien, just like everyone of you.
i am of the female species, just like some of you.
i am a malaysian of chinese origin and my religion is catholic.
i am short and small.
i am dark-skinned, with big eyes.
i am not young anymore, nor am i old – ok, you call that 'middle-aged'. this means you teenagers out there, can call me 'aunty'. haha.

i am an arian, therefore like the ram, i can be quite headstrong and impulsive, butting into things without thinking. however i do possess the arian's qualities of being generous and kind. (ahem!).

i am a rather quiet and shy person, especially in company of strangers but among good friends i can be talkative. anyway, i 'talk' better in writing than in person, that's why i love writing.

yep as i love writing, i choose to blog. at one time i used to write poems and articles to magazines. (will later make a link for my poems/articles).

another thing i love is reading, but these days instead of reading books, i spent time more reading blogs! or online newspaper or interesting sites on the net.

i love hot and spicy food. i must have 'sambal belacan' to go with rice most of the time. if there is curry, you can be assure to see my rice soaking wet with the curry!

my all time favourite food is PRAWNS!! yummy! i just love them to death. prawn is the only food i will eat no matter how it is cook.

oh btw, i don't eat durians… and i don't like all 'nyonya kueh'.

i am rather bad tempered and moody at times. esp. if i have lots of work to do and you disturb me, i will put on a long face.

i can be funny at times and will know how to laugh at myself. yes, i do have a good sense of humour and likewise, i like that in people.

i am pissed off with people who are arrogant and self-righteous, those who think they are too clever in their own right. also with people who are not tactful enough… who easily hurt my feelings.

i speak my mind, without fear or favour. unsensitive and controversial i may be but that is because i let loose what i have in my mind. it's my blog, i'lll say what i like, thank you (and don't grumble/complain if i get too personal). ahh… so if you don't like what i blog about, too bad.

i am who i am… who i want myself to be, not what others wants me to be.

updated: 2014  i write for herald (the catholic paper) once in a while. in 2009, i was trained as a citizen journalist by malaysiakini and have written a lot of articles under it – citizen journalist malaysia (CJMY). won some awards too. 

being on facebook is also my interest now.  almost everyday will be facebooking. check me out from the facebook button on the sidebar of my blog.

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