and perkasa said they are not racist???

… when they boycott the hulu selangor by-election just because an indian candidate was chosen to contest, not a candidate of their skin colour.

anyway does umno need their help in campaigning? i just can’t imagine what further harm they would do to umno if they do help in the campaigning.

how many of you remember that at perkasa’s AGM, the big boss of perkosa… oops… i mean perkasa… ikerishim ali, arrogantly warned political parties not to step on their toes, because if they do, they will lose in the election.

wahh! didn’t know perkasa so powder-ful… those who don’t support them, will for sure lose in the election. but what happened now? now, they are not supporting a political party – BN for this hulu selangor by-election. so does it means the same thing – if they do not support the political party, the political party will lose in the election? great then! since they so powderful and claim that over 20,000 of hulu selangor voters are their members, and they are not supporting BN, then for sure BN will lose in this by-election!!

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