warning to perkasa: you’ll lose our votes

i just can’t stand it anymore! they gave out warnings, so i too have to give out warning lah!

first perkasa pointed its gun at MCA and said, “if you continue to insult islam, you will LOSE OUT VOTES.”

then, the gun found its aim at umno (najib), “if you do not address malay’s economic woes, you will LOSE OUT VOTES.” (or as malaysian insider puts in, “if you give in to MCA’s demands, you will LOSE OUT VOTES.”)

how arrogant! does perkasa think only they will determine who win in the election? does perkasa speaks for ALL malays when the boss ibrahim said “the malays will reject umno outright, if they give in the MCA’s demands”? does perkasa thinks that umno and MCA will cower in fear that if perkasa does not support them, they will lost in the election? oh wow! looks like perkasa thinks they are so high and mighty, only them will ensure victory for umno and MCA.

well sorry lah brothers and sisters of perkasa, methink by doing this, by this action and by many other actions done before (and i’m sure many actions that is going to be done/say),  my warning to you is that if you keep doing this, indeed, yes, BN will lose… lose big, even if all of you perkasa members voted for BN.  it is perkasa that will cause the downfall of BN in the coming election.

yes ibrahim ali, carry on with all your monkey  antics that touch on race and religion, and you risk losing our support and contributing to BN’s downfall. don’t say i didn’t warn you eh.

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