of prostitute, satan, master, servant, slave, king

phew! what an interesting week it had been.  it all began when PKR party president, wan azizah remarked that people should reject ketuanan melayu (malay supremacy). then (as expected) perkasa youth chief, arman, came out to attack her as a ‘political prostitute’.  when her husband, anwar, side her (but of course), perkasa (the women chief)  then label anwar as satan.  then arman proceeded to explain how he understand ketuanan melayu to be. e.g. the silly logic that rejecting ketuanan melayu is rejecting the malay rulers (i.e. the king)  sovereignty.

that’s not the best – the best is to come from none other than the perkasa boss, ibrahim ali who said that ketuanan melayu is a right!!  he said it is enshrined in the constitution. eh? his own make-believe constitution? the learned historian, khoo kay kim had clearly stated that ketuanan melayu is not enshrined in the constitution! what? ibrahim ali is more than a historian?

theb of course we also have umnoputera MP like the DPM who stated that wan azizah’s remark about ketuanan melayu was merely to salvage a sinking PKR, and home minister hisham who said that PKR is  twisting the meaning of ketuanan melayu, and of course the minister in the PM’s department, nazri, also had to open is mouth to say that ketuanan melayu had been wrongly interpreted by the opposotion – it  does not mean that malay race is superior to the other race.

those who are for ketuanan melayu insisted that ketuanan melayu doesn’t mean that the malays are mastars and non malays are slaves (servant).  oh really? then they don’t understand simple bahasa. ketuanan melayu clearly spell to everyone that the malays are the masters.  when  people like nazri  insisted that ketuanan melayu is about the sovereignty of the malay rulers, then as PAS’s dr dzulkefly pointed out, is very wrong, as i understand it means the king is ruler for the malays only, not for malaysians!

if you haven’t have enough of all these high drama on prostitutes, satan/demon, master, slave, king, for your weekend pleasure, do visit the malaysian insider (bottom most news) and the malayia chronicles (right sidebar news) to find out more.  move over astro wah lai toh, the malaysian political scene is enough drama.

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