truth about the muslim NGO protest and zahrain and tan, PKR members

the malay NGOs protest in penang

the recent protests by some stupid malay NGOs in penang was organised by the penang malay chamber of commerce and national malay students federation (GPMS)the reason they protested… well the main reason (they have lots of reasons!) was that they were mad at the penang govt. for tearing down some malay stalls.  but we all know they were only playing up the issue. the stalls were illegal and they had received notice already so naturally they were torn down. (and the penang govt. had said actually more non malay stalls were town down but this was not highlighted in the malay press, only when malay stalls torn down, it was highlighted!). the stalls were torn down by the majlis perbandaran pulau pinang (MPPP – city council).

it was such a shame that the protest was organised by the penang malay chamber of commerce when it was found out that  since 2008, there are 3 members from the chamber who sit in the council! i found this out from anil netto’s blog. please read his blog to read further.

(you might also be interested to read what mujahid PAS MP for parit buntar had to say, and the blogger tulang besi, who exposed who the leaders of the protests were. both are in bahasa)

the 2 PKR members who hit out at penang CM, LGE

bayan baru MP, zahrain and nibong tebal MP, tan.  they made noises simply because their own personal agenda was not achieved.  go to this blog (it’s in bahasa) to  read harakah interview with LGE, of which he tells all…. on why zahrain and tan attacked him.

i know there are lots more reading materials here and there which exposed the truth on these two issues. surf around and be informed.

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