6 + 2 + 1 MP… anymore coming up?

yep, 9 all together (for now) being hauled up for insulting the sultan.

first we heard of  6 of them being charged for insulting the sultan of peark, several days ago. then suddenly yesterday, we heard again of another 2, a couple from kuala terengganu were charged too for ‘unsavoury web posts on the sultan‘.  finally, surprise, or no surprise, depending on how you look at it, karpal singh will be charged for sedition for allegedly insulting the sultan.

what’s this? an operation lallang kind of thing to swoop down on people who dare to speak out? a prelude of what’s going to happen (worst!) come 1 april?  the might of the soon-to-be-but-most-people-hope not PM working?

the charging of karpal for sedition for him merely wishing to sue the sultan, i feel is very much politically motivated, reek of double standard and pandering to the umnoputera. no need for me to clarify further because it will only go on and on like a broken record. you know, i know, that’s good enough.

i would like to add though – good in a way karpal will be charged because this will give him a chance to defend himself… unlike someone where some authorities dare not even call him as witness… how is he suppost to defend himself then (to clear the air)? that’s why the ghost keep haunting him as we all keep talking……….. don’t blame us ya.

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