the most horrible, terrible racist/seditious paper…

utusan_racist… in our country award goes to…. UTUSAN  MALAYSIA!!

many a times already we had read about how racist and seditous utusan were e.g. the teresa kok/azan issue and yet nothing was done against them. no suspension. not even a warning. oh of course not! utusan is the mouthpiece of umno, don’t you know that? and don’t you know that there are 2 laws in our country – one for umno and one for non umno? that’s why although how seditious utusan get to be, you see no action against them from the authorities but if it is some other paper like the sun, sin chew… whoop!! swift action!

this time, utusan did it again – look at the heading on its front cover of the paper which penang’s CM lim guan eng is holding (pic courtesy of malaysiakini). it says ‘DAP hina islam?’ (DAP insult islam?)

looks like LGE is real damn angry and planned to sue utusan. good! sue the pants off utusan! they deserve it! btw, i wonder what happen to the suit file by teresa kok against utusan. no news of it.

why and what made kutu-san came out with that headline? for that, i have to made another post.

(ok will come back later to post the url of that post)

UPDATED:  the url – here it comes again – islam is superior!

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