started blogging in 2003, so…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…. so it is now 15 years!!

it looks like i have stop blogging completely (after 2014) and only blog once a year – on my anniversary date! and that is not suppose to be a blog too… i mean i just came in to say it's my anniversary but nothing else.

my last post was in 2015 (not counting anniversary post) but that was just one post only in that one year! then 2014 there were a few here and there… and after that – nothing! 

well each time i was telling myself to blog again but i was too good at procrastinating. 🙂  …. so i only made a post on my anniversary.

i actually like blogging since i love to 'talk' in words than in person and i treated my blog like a personal diary, although those days my blog was known as socio-political blog. well, of course i blog more on socio-political stuff than personal stuff during those days but i still treasure my blog as my personal diary as i can look back and see/read what happened.

after the historic day of 9 may 2018, i had wanted to blog as being a historic day, i must say something (have some record) on my blog but again kept putting it off. i had actually already prepared a draft for the historic day post (but only 1 paragraph!) and hoping to complete it but yet didn't. ok i must one day talk about this historic day… it HAS to be on my blog. ok one day…. one day… soon….

(NOTE:  wanted to post a few photos here but something's wrong with my blog which did not allowed me to post photos. hopefully to get it solve soon.)

right now, is the obligatory links to all my previous anniversary post, as below.

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