12th anniversary

oops! i missed out to blog on my 11th anniversary.

today is not my 12th anniversary exact date yet… 27 sept is the exact date. 

however since now i'm here to say i missed out blogging about my 11th anniversary, might as well make this my 12th anniversary post… in case you know, come 27 sept, i forgot to blog again. heh. well, i had been rather inactive though from about 3 years back, so figures i guess, why i missed out my 11th anniversary.

(note: i had make it a point to blog every year during my anniversary date – exact date or sometimes 1 or 2 days after it.)

my last post was in april 2014, in which i blog about the death of karpal singh. after that, i did thought of wait for sept. 2014, my blog date anniversary to blog on my 11th anniversary but had totally forgotten all about it. it was due to a number of reasons, the main one being my sister diagnosed with cancer in 2012, and then passed away in 2013. the other reason is of course had been very active on facebook, so have been ignoring my blog. oh no, those are not the only 2 reasons… still a couple of reasons.

much had been happening since then (april 2014 my last post) – the political scene and my personal life. my blog started off as a socio-political blog, and i blog mostly on that aspect but also thrown in personal posts. i guess for now, if i start blogging again,  i will focus more on socio politics too, rather than personal. it depends on what type of personal post actually. maybe i'll still do personal posts but limit them to certain people only (give password) and not open to public.  it is better not to blog personal stuff too much, or not make personal posts public,  just in case…. you know, there are 'spies' around.

ok for now, since i have missed out on my 11th anniversary (27 sept 2014), i'm going to post links of my other anniversary posts, as every year i did blog on my anniversary date… except the most important one – 10th.  hopefully,  after today, i hope i can continue blogging, to activate my blog again.

1st anniversary  (2004)
2nd anniversary (2005)
3rd anniversary (2006)
4th anniversary (2007)
5th anniversary (2008)
6th anniversary (2009) – forgot to post!
7th anniversary (2010)
8th anniversary (2011)
9th anniversary (2012)
10th anniversary (2013)
11th anniversary (2014) – no post!
(gosh, after looking for the links, i just realised i had missed out my 6th anniversary… but all along after it, i was not aware until today)

i will try to be active blogging again. hopefully my blog can regain its momentum like it was about 5 years back, where it became a little known, with my blog being featured on some foreign blog reference site and me being interviewed as a blogger twice!

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