still at it as my blog turn 7 years old

that's it – it's my blog's 7th anniversary! yay! i had been blogging for 7 years.

i started on 27 sept 2003. you can read about how and why i started blogging under 'how, why and what' at my blog page, just under the header (it's up there permanently). briefly, it was i was inspired by jeff ooi's blogto start one of my own, and right from day one of entering the blogging world, i had already chosen to blog on socio-political stuffs.  now, after 7 years, i'm still at it.

i started off by using blogspot and i think around 2007 or so,  switch over to, with my own server (paid).  in between these 7 years, i had changed the design of my blog several times.  actually i did keep a screenshot of the different designs but what a pity, they were all lost when i reformat my PC.

when i used blogspot, the url link of my blog is  the 'jogalong' ties in with my blog heading 'mental jog'.  i noticed  that during those times, many people mistaken my blog's name  as 'jogalong' than as 'mental jog'.  when i switch over to using wordpress, since it is on own server and i can choose a domain name to use, i decided to use my own name at the url link.

hmm… 7 years is quite long eh. i can be consider as 'veteran' blogger already i guess.  do i ever get bored of blogging? er… honestly speaking…. not really but i do feel 'empty' sometimes without nothing (worthwhile) to blog. it was then when i wonder to myself is it time for me to retire from blogging?  on second thought, goodness, i think there shouldn't be such a thing as 'retiring from blogging' for as long as i can read, surf web, type. maybe i'll slow down on blogging yes but not stop all together.

it seems that as my blog gets older, i have less visitors! this is kind of well… sure… some disappointment but never mind, i blog more for myself and it has become my hobby, so doesn't matter at all if less visitors or  nobody comment.   i'm glad that i have a blog – a place for me to express my sentiments and to let steam off! i find it kind of strange quite a number of friends saying to me "wah. you so daring/brave in your blog. i dare not do/say what you did in your blog."  brave? i don't look to it as that at all. i know they were saying this because of me being very out-spoken, especially  criticism at the government.  well, i'm just being myself to express my feelings, so i don't look to it as being brave. of course i do know what not to say to avoid getting into trouble.

ok, obligatory for anniversary post – the links showing my other anniversary posts.  i don't know why all of a sudden last year (my 6th year) i had forgotten all about my anniversary so did not do any posting.

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