(anniversary post part II)

ahh. what a significant day yesterday was. 27 sept. 2004. i started this blog on 27 sept. 2003. hence my blog is now one years old. how time flies… it had been one year that i had been blogging.

for those of you (the new readers esp.) who are interested to know how and why i started this blog, you can read the following posts i made:

the why and how and the heading of my blog 

the links to these posts are 'perpetually' up in my blog as you can see them on the left column, under 'my info blog'.

within this one year of blogging, i had made 390 posts. i had choosen to link a few of my previous posts, manually done, which i feel were interesting. you may find them on the left column, under 'my previous entries (random)'. actually i need to update the list but too busy. those posts you see under the heading 'recent posts' are automaticall done by blogger. oh, of course there is also archives which i have label 'once upon a time'.

surprisingly, actually i started using a blog in july 2003 but at that time i don't know at all how 'blogger' works. after making one post, i didn't now where/how to get back to my blog to continue post. then when i slowly discovered how, i started a personal blog… like a diary. i had only less than 10 posts then realised i didn't know how to make the blog private, so decided not to blog on my personal private day to day life or personal thoughts. so i delete the blog and did not do anything. then in early september, after reading regularly (and commenting) the blogs of screenshots by jeff ooi, lone and joe blog by the late johan ismail, i was thinking maybe i should start one. wanted to choose the date 1st october to start.

to continue reading, please click on 'jog over for more'.

in the meantime, the period between august and september 2003, i had been bugging lone and wits0 for help on using blogger. well finally with the hot news of our ex PM's resignation and the new PM coming in, i decided i cannot wait any longer until 1st october to start blogging… so on 27 september… taa.. daamm… (drum roll and trumpet blast, please) i finally start this blog!

those of you who were with me earlier, would have notice this is the second design i have. my first design (see above post for the picture) was rather plain chosen from blogger's template, and me not knowing html and all that, could not really 'beutify' the design, as others did. the design had two columns… one for the main posts and one for write-ups, links, etc. i decided to change to this present design (i blog about it here) because i felt my old design was too plain looking. i like this layout with the main posts in the centre and right and left for links. it was only a few days or so after i choose this design from elementopia, suddenly blogger came up with lots of new designs with interesting interfaces/features. what lousy timing! but i had already started with this design and had all the links, buttons, etc up already so did not change to blogger's new design. actually i was thinking of changing a new one too on the day of my blog's anniversary but i know it will take a lot of time to made the move, and i do not have that much time so i'll just leave it be.

well, within this one year, what had i been blogging on? unlike most bloggers who either stick to politics/current issue or stick to personal stuffs (include observation), i try to blog on both. this is so as to give variety to the blog and also to attract more readers (hopefully) as different subjects draw different readers. well in my one year of blogging, i had covered a lot of different caegories; some examples here:

first class corruption case study.
religious freedom with religious restrictions. = ?.

lady luck is elusive.
irritating phrases

me and chaly.
the gift of life.

my hatyai trip.
damai laut

national diservice?
eradicating poverty.

i guess most of my posts falls under the catergory of politics and current issues! there's so much to say and grumble and complained about what our politicians do or didn't do. i realise that certain topics attract certain readers, and i try to cover all topics, which i feel actually made my blog less read! bloggers like jeff ooi, rajan and lone who blogs mostly on politics and issues attract certain kind of readers while bloggers who blogs on personal stuffs like petertan, drliew attract another different kind of readers. yes i do notice that when say i blog on politics, some reader might not made comments at all but when i blog on personal, they will (and vice versa).

oh well, i guess i will continue to blog on whatever i want to, various topics and so on, whatever caught my fancy… be it… politics or personal, whatever, and while it is nice to see readers coming in with comments, i shouldn't worry my pretty head off if there are no or less readers coming in with comments. what's important is i have an outlet – this blog of mine – to say whatever i want to! hurray for blogs!

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