i forgot my own anniversary…

… no, i don't mean my as in me, moi but my blog anniversary. my blog turned 8 years old on 27 sept. yes! i had been blogging for 8 years. i had been so busy and preoccupied that i forgot to blog about my anniversary as every year, i did blog… at least just to mention it or to wish myself happy anniversary. 🙂  

here's my last year anniversary post, of which i had links of the other six anniversary posts.

during the month of sept. and flowing into oct. my sister had not been well and had been admitted to first penang GH, then alor setar GH and when she was in alor setar, i was there for 7 days… and all these prevent me from blogging (and forgot my anniversary). well actually that is not the only reason but lately i had been kind of well… er… lost interest… ok just a teenie bit… lost interest in blogging. now i'm more into facebooking!

one of the reason i lost interest is because i had been having problems with my blog. a year or so ago, my blog is working well and i have lots of stuffs on it… and that encouraged me. now since i had been facing problems, i can't have lots of stuff on it, so kind of lost interest i guess. months ago i had been toying of moving to another server or use free wordpress. i notice that now free wordpress works just as good as one that is self hosted and they have very good lovely themes too. one thing that prevent me from moving to free wordpress is that i have to drop my domain name and thus change the url of my blog. this is no good as my domain lucialai.org is already known. if i change to free wordpress, it'll be like i'm starting all over again.

anyway, maybe to start all over again isn't really that bad… as already now i'm getting very unpopular and unknown. yeah. sad eh? nope, not really, as i don't really mind that as my blog is more for myself than for others. i started this blog to blog on socio-political matters and current news/issues… and i'm still sticking to those topics… plus of course to blog on personal matters too (like now!… which is more like ramblings eh?). 

ok from now on, i'll try to blog more regularly i i can. i do not like to blog more is because i'm afraid if i do change server or move to free wordpress, all my blog posts here will be gone! ok lah, i think i still need to made up my mind what to do. i'm so fickle… one minute i thought of this and another minute i thought of that. not sure what to do. better really get down to quick made a decision.

maybe tomorrow i'll blog on so many issues that i had wanted to blog about but didn't… just mentioning them here and there. i'll be baaaccckkkk! (ala robocop?).

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