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oh no! i missed out by one day to blog on my anniversary – and happened to be an important anniversary too – 10 years!!

that's right, i first started blogging in 2003, 27 sept. i thought it was 28 sept. so today is one late of my 10 years blog anniversary.

those were the days when i started blogging – blogging so regularly. first almost everyday, then 2, 3 times a week… then once a week or so. those days i blog a lot on current news. well my blog was a socio political blog those days. it still is of course but became quite rare. slowly i become very irregular… once a month or once a few months. it was about 3, 4 years back i had been very irregular, and 2 years back, had stop blogging for several months too. busy. and occupied with some other things like my citizen journalist work…. and facebook!

one of the reason i stop blogging regularly was i wanted to revamp my blog, change design, format (though i had changed it twice already) but can't find the time to do it. my blog present design, something seems to be wrong. i had been telling myself so many times to change design, change design, change design before i get into regularly blogging but didn't do so, so that gave me the excuse not to blog! haha. oh ya, before i'm using wordpress, i had use blogger. switched to wordpress when decided to use a self-hosted platform (paid for).

i actually had lots to blog about this year but just cant' find the time (or interest?) to do it. i mean blog on signficant events.  i wanted to blog about the 4th citizen journalist conference i attended in sabah but didn't. ok i'll put a link here to the photos during the conference then – CJMY conference in kota kinabalu.  this 4th conference was one of my happiest since i received two awards – medal for being pro reporter (where about 4, 5 others received too) and big pewter trophy for the best article of the year! i was overjoyed and exhilarated on being voted for best article of the year.

then after the conference, i alone holiday in KK town, then went to labuan. had wanted to blog about this too but… as usual didn't, so here are the photos. 

a lot had been happening on the news-front, which did give me opportunities to blog but i guess i just lost interest to blog as i get addicted to facebook. lol! i think i should start blogging regularly again.

well 10 years already. shouldn't give up. will try my best to start blogging often again.

well, all my anniversary posts here… never forgot to blog about it, so this being a decade birthday i should not too (although late a day).

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note:  wanted to post a photo here but can't. see, told ya, something's wrong with my blog (which i can't figure out what). try using photobucket but photobucket site seems to be down. oh well hope tomorrow i can update with a photo.

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