blog’s 3rd birthday


wow! can’t believe it that today mark the 3rd anniversary of my blog. i had been blogging for 3 years? that long? a year of 365 days x 3 = 1095 days of blogging. 1095 posts? nah, of course not since i don’t post everyday… but sometimes one day i did post more than 1 posts. well, let’s see… at my blog at shows i have 1004 post and here in wordpress, it shows 181 posts. thus altogether right from 23 sept. 2003 until today, 23 sept. 2006, i have 1185 posts. not bad. 1095 days with 1185 posts.

what does the many posts signify? that i am very cakap banyak! (talk a lot or in other words a chatterbox). or rather it should be ‘tulis banyak’ (write a lot). yes, thank god for blogging, i have a chance to say out what i wanted to say, especially on political and current issues.

yes, if you read ‘the why and how’ (right on top of the blog), you’ll find out how and why i started blogging. you can also read my 1st anniversary post here and here, and my 2nd anniversary post here.

i started with blogger in 23 sept. 2003 and this was my first post. (was using haloscan comments at that time and although the comments count shows nil, there were comments there as haloscan stop showing comments count after some time).

in 31 march, this year i switch over to wordpress. my first post on wordpress is here.

ok, so what had i learned or achieved after 3 years of blogging? first of all of course as imentioned before in my 2 other anniversary posts, i got to speak my mind on any matters, not only political or current issues but to share my personal stuff as well. in doing so i managed to make friends withn those who dropped in my blog to make comments, and of course get to meet some of them through bloggers’ meet. so i can say blogging also help me to add to my number of friends.

blogging had become my hobby i suppose, and i am kind of addicted to it too. everyday when i come home from work i will source for news or information here and there to see if there’s anything to post… correction… i mean to see what to post. of course i have lots to post, only no time so shouldn’t say ‘if there’s anything to post’. anytime if i don’t have news or issues to post i can always post personal stuffs. i do have lots of personal stuffs to post but since my blog is not a personal blog i refrain from posting too many personal stuffs.

well, three years i had been jogging along here at mental jog to excersise my mind and i’ll continue to jog along, hopefully forever and ever. i thank all those who had jogged along with me here, especially the regular commenters. btw, have you notice the tagline of my blog name – i had highlighted them in bold here – they appears in my header. (er… i wanted to change a new header but i try cannot get it. must run to boringest for help again i guess).

UPDATED:  boringest had put up the header for me later in the morning. this header is much bigger than the last one i had put up. what do you think? hope it doesn’t look too gaudy! perhaps i’ll go back to the earlier one as being small, it looks more presentable. btw, this header was done by wits0 – thank you, wits0.

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