one year blogging with wordpress

my blog is one years old yesterday!

oh no! i don’t mean that. i mean i had been blogging with wordpress for one year already as of yesterday. before i use wordpress, i used blogger and i started in the year 2003. thus by right my blog is 3 1/2 years old. er… actually i should say i had been blogging for 3 1/2 years but this blog of mine is 1 years old… right? this blog with a new domain name (my own!) and self-host using wordpress is 1 years old indeed. er… but i don’t look to yesterday as my blog’s 1st anniversary. haha. looks confusing eh. which is which? is my blog1 years old or 3 1/2 years old? since it has the same name ‘mental jog’ i guess it should be consider as 3 1/2 years old and i should look to the date of me first time starting it when i first used blogger a the anniversary date.

oh, though my blog has the same name ‘mental jog’ when using blogger but the url is different. at blogger it was (i did not use hmm… now if you go to, you see nothing but just the months link and when click on them, you can’t read the posts anyway as they are all cramped up. this is because i had moved my posts in blogger to wordpress.

however one thing i don’t understand is that my blog at blogger, though not used and ‘defective’, the page rank is 4, while this blog with wordpress, the page rank is nil!! er… i did notice though that at some other blogs that link me, they still use my old blog’s url! perhaps that’s why i get less link with this url… thus no page rank! poor me. should i beg for links? so that i can get page rank? nah, i’m not crazy over page rank. i won’t rave and get mighty proud if i have PR4 (like what i used to have at my blogger blog). the only time i wish i have high or at least some page ranking is when i wanted to do sponsored post! but then again it (making money via blogging) is not my priority, thus it is not important. anyway i find that most services/goods that one need to write about/promote via sponsored posts are not from malaysia… this is what put me off because well, to me since i target my visitors from malaysia, i feel sort of cheating my visitors if i have posts on services/goods that are out of the country, which will be useless for my visitors  as they can’t use the services/goods. well that’s my personal view on sponsored posts… not that you won’t find me doing a sponsored post! i might one day!

oh but i digress (talk about sponsored posts instead when i’m suppose to talk about my blog).

my first post using wordpress was a depressing post… because i wrote about how i fell and hurt my eyes until it swelled up as big as an egg. oh no, almost forget… must intro and promo my blog host sikit-sikit lah. i’m hosted under blogasian. their rate is very cheap and they gave good service. it’s only US$15 per year for the basic plan.  i just renew my hosting with them a week ago. one of the ‘boss’ of blogasian is boringest. he is so very very helpful to me. as i am very untechie savvy, i really don’t know what i would do without him. he helped me to set up this blog (the layout and etc) and helped me with lots of other problems i encountered… most of the time even though the problems were not related to hosting/server. i take this opportunity to thank him – terima kasih, kam sia!

hey, do hop over to blogasian and have a look if you are thinking of hosting your own blog ok? look at the features:

  • US-based Linux server with 2 Gig-E (~1000Mbps) and 1 OC-12 (~621Mbps) connection.
  • Dual Xeon servers with minimum 1GB RAM.
  • cPanel website administration system with Fantastico included. 
  • ClickBe! pre-designed website template solution included.
  • 99.7% uptime.
  • CGI-bin, MySQL, PHP

cool eh?

ok back to my blog. wordpress is sure much better than blogger and i’m glad that i switch to wordpress. however though there are lots of stuffs i can do with wordpress but i don’t know how! so i guess at the moment i’m stuck with the basic features. see, though i had been using wordpress for a year, i still have yet to utilise it to the fullest. never mind, there’s still time to learn eh… IF there are willing hands to guide me.

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