asia blog awards

aba-nominee.gifsome of you might have forgotten about the asia blog awards which i posted about in the month of june . more than 100 people had visited the asiapundit website to nominate thier favourite blogs. if you want to know whether you blog had been nominated or who were the ones who nominated you, click here.
well, nominations had closed and now voting begins! the first set of nominated blogs are out and you can see them here.

i understand from reading the FAQ in the asia blog awards site, that there’ll be 4 rounds of voting. so these 10 blogs are only the first round. there’ll be another 3 rounds of nominated blogs up for voting soon… and final round will be in march next year (er… hope i’m right… correct me if i’m wrong). wah! so long eh! why break into quarterly rounds? personally i don’t like this idea. too long a time, people will lost interest (or forgot) in the awards. it’s better to have a one time voting during a one time period and get it done with. well, whatever, let it be since i have no say in its ruling.

do go and vote for your favourite blog, ok? me? i spy only 3 worthy good blogs that i like… and my vote goes to the one from the asylum. 🙂

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