frust! blog down many times!

i guess for those of you who are regulars, when you try to log in my blog, there were times you can’t you access my blog right? yes, my blog had been down these few days. so fed up! for first time visitors if they come in and see can’t access my blog, it will put them off, never to come again. so frust lah!

usually like yesterday, in the morning and afternoon can access my blog but suddenly at around 4.00pm my blog cannot be access… and i was on computer until 8.00pm, still my blog can’t be accessed! more than 4 hrs! within that 4 hrs, many people would have come in already…. but see nothing. i guess this kind of explain i have no comments at some posts. people cannot access my blog! and once they cannot, they don’t feel like coming back. argghh!!

these intermittent server errors started occurring about 3 weeks ago (or maybe more). and the most frustrating part was that it started to occur when for the first time my blog appeared in malaysiakini. i notice the first time my blog appeared in malaysiakini, my traffic triple! imagine that! then later on for the subsequent times it appeared, at times i notice my blog can’t be accessed! this is no good, no good at all. when my blog just started to appear in malaysiakini, but malaysiakini visitors clicking on my blog link at malaysiakini, can’t access my blog! it put off visitors! i’m so sad lah.

hmm… i see that exabytes has some 7th anniversary promotion. perhaps i should switch to host with exabytes? or maybe with a friend who also offer hosting service.

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