waiting for the greatest show…

it’s past 12 midnight now and i am patiently waiting for the world cup to begin. i had taken today off from work, thus i can stay up to watch the world cup. i was thinking after the world cup end, i can then go catch some sleep but it seems that now i might not be able to catch some sleep. i have to wake up…er… no lah… i won’t be sleeping so why i mentioned ‘have to wake up’. so what i meant was that i have to get ready to leave the house at 8.30am because i need to attend someone’s funeral. it’s just too bad that the funeral is today and in the morning. i had planned to sleep after the world cup but now that if i have to get up at 8.00am, it’s no point to sleep after… 4… or 5am? (when the world cup finished). well, can only catch 2 hrs sleep if i want to but since i’m all alone, i scared what if i can’t wake up at 8.00am.

speaking of ‘all alone’ just now, yes, now i’m back to staying in the big bungalow that i had mentioned before. my ex boss’s bungalow. now she will be away for nearly 20 days so i have to be here for that duration. arggh! very long time this time. the first time i came to stay it was about 12 days, 2nd time, 8 days, and now 20. alamak! being that many days, she had reminded me to water all her flowers and plants. goodness! there were so many flowers/plants… and trees too all around the huge sprawling compound, how to water all of them? though there is a hose, the hose is not long enough to reach some plants. aiyoh. poor me have to ‘work in the garden’ for her. i just wish that it would rain everyday, if not alternate days or so, so that i don’t have to water the plants.
the reason why i was not able to blog for the past 3 days was as i had mentioned i’m using my ex boss’s old notebook where i can’t access my blog… but now, that you see me blogging, means ok already. hopefully it will stay that way. surfing now via her notebook though is awfully slow since she is using dial-up (time.net).

ok i hope to do 2 other posts before the world cup begins. i’ll be rooting for italy. GO GO ITALY, GO!!

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