new theme for my blog

ok so you guys would have noticed this new theme 2 days ago. i had decided to change theme because at my old blog, there seemed to be problem loading the page. i hope with this new theme, the loading is not ok. i have not finish the updating yet. still lots of things missing from my blog. i fear though if i do put back all i have in my previous blog, the loading in this new theme, might be slow down like the previous theme! well, you guys watch out for me please. if the loading slows down again in this new theme, please inform me ok.

actually i had wanted to change to a new theme since my anniversary last year (as i had mentioned in the 5th anniversary post) but i keep delaying. finally decided to have it change in time to greet the chinese new year!

counting this one, it will be the 4th design i have use for my blog. my first 2 years were with  i have used 2 different designs. it’s a pity i did not copy and save up the very first design i used, but for the 2nd design, i did save it up. here it is:

3 columns. i had forgotten i had used 3 columns theme before! for this new theme i decided to choose 3 columns theme, thinking it is my first time having 3 columns. only yesterday when i check my archives of pictures, i notice this old blog at blogger had 3 columns too. the first theme at blogger is 2 columns, i remember (but pity no picture).

the 3rd design is of course the previous one before this theme comes in – that is the first theme i chose when i switch from blogger to wordpress. i had mention about it here.

ok if this new theme doesn’t cause problem, guess i’ll stick to it for a long time. i really don’t like changing themes many times (like some bloggers like to). i prefer to stick to one same theme all the time so that my blog will be easily recognisable. this means i only change when i encountered problems… so i hope there’ll be no problems with this new theme! less headache for me, and also no high blood pressure for you readers when you visit. 😉

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