phew! blog back to normal

thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who had given suggestions on how to ‘repair’ my blog, especially to my blog host, boringest.

i followed the instructions given by boringest, which was basically more or less same as from albert and IT sideways. only thing was that boringest, knowing me to be non techie savvy, explained it in a more simpler way, letting me do it in the way i know how. he asked me to load the original template (sidebar.php file), then copy my links on to the original template one by one (section by section) between the ‘div’ opening and closing tags.

step 1 – load the original sidebar.php file
step 2 – copy first section i.e. the date and the author
step 3 – save the file
step 4 – refresh my blog to see the changes

step 5 – copy second section i.e. ‘in solidarity’
then back to step 3 and 4
and start again from step 2 to 4 for all sections

phew! all these took me near 2 hours! why i did it step by step was to pinpoint which sections was it that caused the problem. after i copied a certain section and save the file and refresh my blog and see something wrong in my blog, then i know that there was something wrong with particular section.

albert was right. there are too many DIV tags in the template. i didn’t notice broken DIV tags but i notice i had duplicate DIV tags! think that caused the problem of pushing down my main blog body.

anyway, when i asked about my problem at wordpress support, i posted my sidebar template codes, and one person checked it for errors and was shocked to find 400 errors! haha. by far, the most no. of errors he came across, he said. but i don’t quite understand… of course i did not corrected 400 errors just now… if yes, until 24 hours, i can’t even finish it. 🙂 i only corrected less than 10 errors! anyway i had asked why the error page mentioned i had error at certain places but when i checked there was no error, and he had gave a good reply. although rightly it seems the sidebar template had 400 errors, but i still can use it very well now. but i guess it is quite sensitive… some slight wrong editing will fucked it up again!! so i have to be extra careful from now on.

ok i hope to resume normal blogging tomorrow. these days because of my fucked up blog, my head had been in a muddle… can’t think straight!

thank you again to all those who respond to my SOS. you guys are great! :wink

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