mental jog is one today

(pic designed by wits0)

that’s right. happy anniversary to my blog, mental jog, a place for you to exercise your mind.

it was exactly one year from today that i started blogging. in that one year, i had made 389 posts. this is my 390th post.

this is the latest statistics obtained from sitemeter as on 27 sept. 2004, 0050hrs.

Total hits = 32,349
Average Per Day = 109
Average Visit Length = 1:22
Last Hour = 5
Today = 25
This Week = 762

Total = 46,932
Average Per Day = 139
Average Per Visit = 1.3
Last Hour = 6
Today = 30
This Week = 976

within the year, i had change my blog design only once. at the beginning before this present design, this was the old design:

watch out for my anniversary post part II tomorrow.

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