the heading on my blog

you see, i remember many years back reading in the paper a feature on reading, someone complained that people don’t read as often as they should and he further said “to keep your body healthy, you take up exercises like body lifting, swimming and so on. well, you need to keep your mind healthy too and how do you do that? exercising your mind! and you do that through reading.”

hmm… i realised it is true. when you read, you learn, when you learn, you grow. that’s why the saying ‘we stop growing when we stop learning’.

when i’m talking about reading here, it also include writing ok, because it is when you read a lot, that you get to write a lot, right? so reading and writing kind of go hand in hand.

ok so we need to read and write to exercise our mind… to jog our mind into alertness and not let our mind idle away. therefore i now humbly attempt to give you a MENTAL JOG via my blog, and of course it works both ways – i’ll have to read a lot to come up with articles/postings, so with all the postings i do, i’ll too be giving my mind a good jog. (your comments will jog me too, so remember to put in some comments under ‘jogging of minds’ ok.)

come along, people, jog-along with me!

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