calling christian activists!

come, and participate in the ‘liberation theology’ workshop. it will be held during next weekend (10 – 12 june) at the archdiocesan pastoral centre, KL (near puduraya, next to the stella maris school).

the objectives of the workshop are:

  1. Lay people need to discover the theory and spirit of  the Theology of Liberation
  2. To reflect on this spirituality in the context  of  Malaysia
  3. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vatican II by reinvigorating the church community
  4. To inspire greater activism for change within the church and the larger society

the theme for the workshop is ‘jesus for our times: an introduction to liberation theology’.

this is a stay-in workshop and the fee is RM120, including food, lodging and materials. the organisers are the community action network and the malaysian movement for pas romana international catholic movement for intellectual and cultural afffairs (ICMCIA).  the resource persons are fr. fabian dicom, ms yong teng jin and mr paul sinnappan while the facilitators are mr jerald joseph and eric bryan.

the closing date is 8 june. those who are interested, please contact adrian pereira at

if you don’t know what liberation theology is, just do a google search for it and you’ll see lots of results. basically, for a simple brief cmeaning, it is a school  of theology, especially prevalent in the roman catholic church in latin america, that finds in the gospel a call to free people from political, social, and material oppression.

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